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'Coke-Head' Sticker

2.00 CAD

**Included for free with orders over $20**

-Designed in Montréal, Canada.
-100mm (~4") circle sticker
-Printing on a thick, scratch-resistant vinyl
-Durable, weatherproof, dishwasher safe

If there's one habit that's hard to kick it's snorting coke 'til your eyes are so glazed over and bugged out you look like a taxidermy owl. To be honest though, I really don't have a problem—yeah, no—definitely not... Oh man! I just had the best idea: we could totally rent like *sniff* a bunch of motorcycles and travel across Europe, dude, it would be so fucking crazy. I know we just met each other tonight but like, bro, I can just feel this ENERGY to you, you know? Haha *sniff* can I have some of your beer? I can't find mine...Holy shit! is the sun coming up already? *sniff* Gross...

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